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 Cristo Rey Richmond High School is a Catholic learning community that exclusively serves low-income youth, delivering a distinctive approach to inner city education that equips students with the knowledge, character, and skills to transfer their lives. From freshman year, Cristo Rey schools establish a culture of high expectations by blending rigorous academics, four years of professional work experience, Catholic moral values, and support for students to and through college.



"In a world where the social fabric is fraying, Cristo Rey weaves it back together. Businesses, schools, churches, families, children, and communities all come together in the mutual pursuit of providing quality education." - Mike McShane, "Weave Together the Social Fabric," U.S. News & World Report, 22 September 2016.


Cristo Rey High Schools offer an affordable, college preparatory education combined with a work-study experience to youth in strictly low-income communities. There are 32 Cristo Rey High Schools throughout the country serving over 10,933 students. Of these 10,933 students, Cristo Rey has a 100% college acceptance rate. These schools work, with 100% college acceptance and 90% college enrollment, but they also literally work. Cristo Rey students go to work one day a week at our Corporate Partnership companies in order to pay for the majority of their tuition. Throughout the country, Cristo Rey has 3,000 Corporate Partners including AT&T, Morgan Stanley, Jones Lang Lasalle, and PNC. 46 University Partners including Georgetown University, Villanova, University of San Francisco, and the University of Notre Dame help ensure our students have the necessary financial resources to graduate from college. Together, businesses, schools, and communities, are coming together to transform urban America one student at a time through the Cristo Rey Network. At a time when many traditional schools are struggling, Cristo Rey graduates are enrolling in and completing college at over twice the rate of low-income high school graduates. The success of Cristo Rey High Schools is attributed to the unique academic excellence, Corporate Work Study Program, and College Initiative 360 program. Grounded in the tradition of Catholic Education, Cristo Rey high schools serve students from every culture, background, and faith tradition as a school and temporary employment agency. All students work one full day each week in a real, entry level job to earn a majority of their own education.

Our goal is to open Cristo Rey Richmond High School in the Fall of 2019. We are currently working towards finalizing a building location. We are working hard to survey the city of Richmond through students, parents, and community leaders from the neighborhoods we hope and plan to serve. Finally, we are hard at work partnering with companies who wish to help us transform urban America one student at a time through our unique Corporate Work Study Program.

Dominique Jordan, a 2009 graduate of our member school Verbum Dei in Los Angeles, exemplifies the powerful impact of the interwoven features of the Cristo Rey experience in equipping students with the competence, confidence, and aspiration to build fulfilling lives and become lifelong contributors to society:
During high school Dominique was employed through the Corporate Work Study Program at Merrill Lynch, where he discovered his passion for finance. "My Cristo Rey experience was life-changing," he reflects. "Overall I learned a lot about myself. That is the most important thing I could take away from the experience, besides a diploma." After earning a bachelor's degree in finance and management from Georgetown University in 2013, Dominique reconnected with his former supervisor at Merrill Lynch, who had moved to Morgan Stanley. "I applied to a position, and he remembered me from when I was working in high school." Now a Wealth Advisor with Morgan Stanley, Dominique identifies Cristo Rey as "the jumpstart for my career trajectory. Eleven years ago, if you told me I'd be where I am today, I probably would have laughed at you. But in the Cristo Rey Network, there's no telling where it will lead you."
Cristo Rey Network, “Annual Report” | 2016

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