Cristo Rey Richmond High School

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Feasibility Study Committee

Here is a look at the Committee leading the Feasibility Study in Richmond: 

Feasibility Study Coordinator: Katie Yohe

Co-Chairs: Alexa Quinn and J. Dontrese Brown
* Notes Subcommittee Lead
Fundraising Subcommittee: Margaret Keightley*, Frank deVenoge, and Lisa Aberle 

Jobs/Business Relations Subcommittee: Pat Farrell*, Julian Hillary, Brian Ewald, and Frederick Johnson

Facilities/Site Location Subcommittee: Ronald Hingst* and Bill Walsh

Legal Subcommittee: Chris Habenicht*

Community Surveys Subcommittee: Laura McGowan* and Kelly Sharpe 

Religious Sponsor Subcommittee: David Belde*

Marketing/PR/Social Media Subcommittee: Leslie Strickler
Community Outreach: Adria Hogan, Irving Taylor, and Ed Rossmoore 
Click here to contact the Coordinator leading the Feasibility Study