Cristo Rey of Light | 40 Days of Giving

Join Us for Our Lenten Spiritual Journey

The Lenten season calls Christians to prepare for Easter with prayer, fasting, and giving. This year, we invite you to join our Lenten spiritual journey by giving in support of Cristo Rey Richmond’s Royals — our students.

Cristo Rey of Light
40 Days of Giving

Cristo Rey students know about sacrifice. Their school and work days are long and rigorous. Their families commit to their child’s unique academic and work study experience. Our teachers and staff dedicate themselves to our students’ academic success. Our Corporate Work Study Partners mentor and train our students for their future professional life. All of this so that our scholars can make a different life for themselves and their families.

As Jesus spent 40 days fasting in the desert before giving Himself completely to His mission, we will spend 40 days committing to our mission with the Cristo Rey of Light 40 Days of Giving. We will be reminded of Jesus’ giving each time we give ourselves.

This Lenten season we invite you to pray with us, fast if you choose, and give generously. And follow along as we share prayers and devotions through email and social media throughout the 40 Days before Easter.

Option 1: I choose to Give

Option 2: I choose to Pray


We will be posting scriptures and student reflections throughout the 40 Days. Check out our latest posts!

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