Dr. Marina Mellado-Corriente
Spanish Teacher

Marina Mellado was born and raised in southern Spain. Growing up, she always had caring and encouraging teachers, and this led her to pursue a career in research and education. In 2009, thanks to the support of a Fulbright scholarship, she came to the US in order to study at New York University. A second scholarship granted her the opportunity to complete a PhD in Art History at Virginia Commonwealth University. Marina has worked at several museums both in the US and in Europe, and she has taught Art History at VCU, as well as History, Geography and English at various high schools in Spain. She first reached out to Cristo Rey appealed by its Spanish name, and once she found out about its mission, she felt compelled to be a part of it. She feels privileged for being able to work with such a dedicated group of professionals, and for being able to use her first language with her students, who, she hopes, see the extraordinary value of being proficient in a second language. Marina lives with her husband and their little daughter in Church Hill.

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