Student Life

As Dean of Student Life, my goal is to help students become better scholars. We believe in respect and honesty. We encourage students to take ownership of their actions and decisions, to learn from each one, and to use them as ways to grow as people of good faith and character. We strive to work with the students and their families to make sure we are doing everything possible to help each one of them achieve maximum success here at Cristo Rey Richmond and in life. 

The Student Life Department will create programs and activities that assist with the development of a student culture that uplifts and empowers the student. Here are activities and clubs that will offer aid in the development of student culture within Cristo Rey of Richmond: Clubs: Boys to Men Mentoring Group, Coding, Dance, Drama, Music, Robotics, Running Club, Yearbook Club and more on the way. Student Life and Campus Ministry will also provide community service opportunities throughout the year to help foster the development of service and humility for all mankind.

We will model the 5 Wells of Leadership (Dr. Robert Franklin, 10th President of Morehouse) by being: Well Read, Well Spoken, Well Traveled, Well Dressed and Well Balanced. These specific ideas will serve students in all phases of life as it touches on presentation, preparation, assimilation and articulation. 

Student Life will help our students believe in the CULTURE of Cristo Rey Richmond. This culture will define our students. In order for our school to drive and survive, we must motivate students and staff to change from what we see as the status quo of typical public school practices. We have had a shift in our culture. An indoctrination of the “Cristo Rey Way”. 

In closing, my role will also assist students to R.I.S.E. (Respect Integrity Service Excellence) through belief system that cultivates an emotional, psychological and spiritual change through the development of one Heart, one Mind, one Soul and one School.

We are … ROYALS!

Jeffery Jackson
Dean of Student Life

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