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How To Receive Education Improvement Scholarships Tax Credits





           Interested in Donating and Receiving Virginia's             Education Improvement Scholarships Tax Credits? 



Here is how it works:


Obtains blank Preauthorization Request Form and Letter of Intent and sends the completed documents to McMahon Parater Scholarship Foundation (MPSF) by 12/13/2019.



Files the Preauthorization Request Form electronically with the Virginia Department of Education (DOE)



Reserves tax credits and mails a numbered Approval Letter to the Donor.


Signs the numbered approval letter and sends to MPSF with the donation* within 180 days.


Sends signed Approval Letter and proof of donation to DOE; send acknowledgement letter to Donor and school.


Sends the Tax Credit certificate to the donor. 


**Please consult your tax advisor to determine your specific tax savings.**



Donation* Options:


Donate with Check:


Mail to McMahon Parater Foundation along with a copy of the signed form the donor received from DOE. 






(Donations of $500 or more to the McMahon Parater Foundation are eligible for tax credits through the Education Improvement Scholarships Tax Credit Program. Prior to making a donation, individuals or businesses must request pre-authorization from the Virginia Department of Education.)


***If donating with a card, type Cristo Rey Richmond High School in the "Note" section***



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Important update from DOE:
EISTC Preauthorization Requests received prior to December 15, 2019, will be approved or returned for correction by 5 pm December 21, 2019. Preauthorization Requests submitted between December 15 and December 31 will be reviewed in January, 2020.
We encourage all new EISTC donors to submit their Preauthorization Request forms for 2019 as soon as possible. Please remember that preauthorizations are valid for 6 months from the date of their Approval Letter – which means that you can submit a preauthorization request now, and still wait until December 31 to write your check and receive 2018 tax benefits.


If you have questions, please contact Lynne Berkness at (804) 447-4704 or,


Joyce Schreiber, McMahon Parater Scholarship Foundation Director at (804) 622-5190 or