“Cristo Rey Richmond is the best school
my son has been in”
Q&A with a current CRRHS parent

Meet Ms. Hyman, a current CRRHS parent and mother of freshman Rodney P. ‘23! As we look towards the end of our first school year, we’re receiving positive feedback from parents and guardians on how CRRHS is different. One of the parents has been Ms. Hyman, and she has so much she’d like to share with our community, especially potential families.

Q: Let’s just start from the beginning! How did you find Cristo Rey Richmond?

Ms. Hyman: My son, Rodney, brought it to my attention. He was like, “Mom, I would like to go to this school!” So I said, “okay, let me do some investigating and checking it out.” As I started doing that work on it and started getting involved in talking with the teachers, the principal and started interacting with Cristo Rey Richmond more and more, that is family. 

That is family. I love this school, and the atmosphere. They care about your kids. They treat my son like my son is theirs! They are awesome people. I’ll tell you this—the best thing that’s happened in Virginia with the schools is when they brought Cristo Rey Richmond here. The people I tell you, they are so amazing. I love them. That Cristo Rey Richmond is the best school my son has been in.

Q: What kind of growth or improvement have you seen in your son since he started at Cristo Rey Richmond?

Ms. Hyman: His personality. His eagerness to go to school. His demeanor has changed. When he was in the other schools, he wasn’t a people person, because people were teasing, you come across kids teasing and the teacher’s not taking time.

Rodney, he’s interacted more with the kids. Friends, he comes home, he has a smile on his face. He wakes up, I don’t even have to wake him up, he’s already up and ready and dressed to go out the door to go to this school. He loves his teachers. They take time out for him. They show him they care about him getting his education, because when he first came, he didn’t think he would make it because it was all new to him. They show him so much love. It brings tears to my eyes.

Q: With all the challenges that this pandemic has brought, what are your thoughts on how Cristo Rey has transitioned from in the building to teaching remotely?

Ms. Hyman: He’s still engaged! They are taking the time out to teach him online. Face-to-face on the computer. Any courses you have, anytime you need help with homework or work, just ask. They’re very supportive. Calls and checks on him. See how he’s doing. Now, if that ain’t amazing. That is so amazing. I haven’t had a call from my other children’s schools.

Q: What would you say to the faculty & staff at Cristo Rey Richmond?

Ms. Hyman: What could I say to them? I thank God for bringing them to me and my son’s life. They are blessings to us, it’s unspoken how I feel for them. We have truly been blessed, my son and me.

Q: What would you say to a parent when they’re considering having their child apply to Cristo Rey?

Ms. Hyman: Cristo Rey is the best school for any child who wants to apply. They will help you with whatever you need and support you and your family. This school will give you more than you can ever ask for out of school. It will give you a family. That’s number one, a family, a caring and loving family, because I don’t look at them as the teachers, or employees, I look at them as they are my family.

They are my family and I love them and people will grow to love them and I’ll tell you, oh God, if parents only knew about this school, they would take their children out of public schools and put them in this school… with people that care about your child and your child’s education.