Meet Mr. Broscious. Our Math Teacher.

Staff Spotlight: Mr. Broscious

Cristo Rey Richmond would not be able to educate young people of limited economic means to become men and women of faith, purpose and service without our dedicated and passionate faculty & staff. In an effort to recognize our educators, we will begin a series of Faculty & Staff Spotlights!

Q: Where are you originally from?
A: I was born in Allentown, PA, but grew up in Virginia Beach, VA.

Q: What was your favorite subject in high school? And why?
A: This is going to sound pretty cliche, but I always enjoyed math. I was pretty good at it (although my high school Geometry teacher might argue otherwise) and I liked being able to solve problems and figure things out.

Q: What job did you have when you were in high school? What was it like in comparison to what our students do for work today?
A: I worked a lot of weekends as a referee for youth soccer matches. I was also a hot dog vendor (think New York City street cart) outside a Haynes furniture store at one time, and a bellhop at a hotel on the oceanfront another time. Both the hot dog vendor and bellhop jobs were your typical minimum wage, summer gigs. Nothing that I did growing up, however, is like what our students are going through here with the Corporate Work Study Program. To be able to go out into the work force and get some real life experience is truly invaluable.

Q: Where did you go to college? And, what did you study there?
A: I went to a small school in North Carolina called Elon College (it’s now called Elon University) on a soccer scholarship. I originally wanted to study sports medicine because I wanted to be an athletic trainer, but my commitment to soccer didn’t allow me to get the practicum hours that I needed to fulfill the degree requirements. So, I ended up majoring in math and minoring in computer science. I then went to the Art Institute of Phoenix in Arizona to learn how to make video games. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) I quickly realized that I was really not a good artist and I ended up leaving the program early. After deciding to get into education, I got my teaching license from Virginia Commonwealth University and later got my Master’s degree in Math Education from Florida State University.

Q: What is your favorite part about teaching at CRR?
A: My favorite thing about being here at Cristo Rey Richmond has to be building the school from the ground up. This is the first time I’ve ever experienced something like this, and we’re all going through it together! To be able to establish a culture of faith, purpose, and service with like-minded, passionate, and committed colleagues is very exciting to me. The fact that we are also giving our students a high-quality education is just icing on the cake.

Q: Why do you love teaching math?
A: I absolutely love teaching math! There is such a beauty and elegance to the subject. I grew to love math for its structure, theory, and logic. Math also has so many applications, and seems to pop up in the most unsuspecting places. Did you know that math is used to help detect cancer, or to help fight forest fires? I hope that I am (or can one day be) the type of teacher who is able to share my passion for math with my students. They, in turn, may learn to appreciate the usefulness of math in their day-to-day lives.

Q: What does the “Cristo Rey Way” mean to you?
A: To me, the Cristo Rey Way means going above and beyond what is typical or normal. There’s what happens everywhere else, and then there’s what happens here. Here is bigger, here is bolder, here is better. It means I am a Royal. I’ll go to school earlier and come home later than my friends. I’ll work once, sometimes twice, a week amid a rigorous course load. I’ll come to school on days when everyone else is off. I’ll traverse difficult situations at home, at school, and at work, and I’ll do it because I have a purpose and I see the big picture. This past summer I heard a quote which I think is so true for us here at our school: “Exceeding expectations is the expectation.”

Q: What is your favorite memory at CRR so far?
A: I think I already have too many favorites to count! There’s the first time I met my fellow colleagues, the first day of LEAP and meeting all the students, the first day of school, the first mass, the time team Black Widow dominated in dodgeball… 🙂 It seems like everyday I’m creating a new favorite memory.

Q: Who is your biggest mentor and/or inspires you? And why?
A: Growing up, I never thought I would be a teacher. Never. It was the farthest thing from my mind. Even when I decided to major in math and my advisor would ask me every week for 2 years if I also wanted to get my teaching license, my reply was always the same – “no way would I ever be in front of a classroom full of kids”. The funny part is that I come from a family of teachers. My mom, dad, brother, grandmother are/were teachers. Somewhere along the way, something they did or said rubbed off on me. They are my inspiration because, looking back, they got such joy and satisfaction out of the profession and I realized that I wanted that too. I really enjoy working with kids and helping them as they each navigate their own personal narrative. With the support of my wife, mom, dad, and brother, I was able to smoothly and successfully transition from the corporate world into education. I am truly grateful to my family for all of their support and encouragement.

Q: What advice do you have for CRR students as they continue to focus on getting to and through college?
A: Never give up!! A little effort can go a LONG way. You have been presented with such a unique opportunity – don’t waste it. I understand that at times it can be hard, but you have a great support system in place here and all the adults in this building care about you and want nothing more than to see you succeed.

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