Meet Ms. Powers. Our EnglishTeacher.

Staff Spotlight: Ms. Powers

Cristo Rey Richmond would not be able to educate young people of limited economic means to become men and women of faith, purpose and service without our dedicated and passionate faculty & staff. In an effort to recognize our educators, we will begin a series of Faculty & Staff Spotlights!

Q: Where are you originally from?
A: Buckingham, VA

Q: What was your favorite subject in high school? And why?
A: Biology. I was interested in medicine and this class helped me to understand a lot about the human body. Plus, my biology teacher Mr. Caldwell was the best!

Q: Where did you go to college? And, what did you study there?
A: I went to Longwood University and majored in Biology/Pre-Med.

Q: What is your favorite part about working at CRR? 
A: My favorite part about teaching at CRR is the daily interactions with the students. They have very different backgrounds and often I feel that I learn more from them than they do to me. Its also an amazing opportunity to be a founding faculty member and watch the school evolve.

Q: What does the “Cristo Rey Way” mean to you??
A: The Cristo Rey Way means going above and beyond. It means beating the odds. It means having high standards. It means success for every student. Cristo Rey students are not your typical students. They put in more work, longer hours, and they work one day a week. But, they payoff is major. Students are accepted to the college of their choice and they gain work experience that the average 14 year old is not exposed to. In addition to college readiness and academic/workplace experiences, students at Cristo Rey also leave knowing how to serve their community as servant leaders through experience gained during service days. The Cristo Rey Way puts our students one step ahead.

Q: What is your favorite memory at CRR so far?
A: My favorite memory at CRR has to be the ending of the first day with students in the building. The end of the first day symbolized that we made it- the students made it through the first day as founding students as we made it through the first day as faculty and staff! I knew that the best was yet to come!

Q: Who is your biggest mentor and/or inspires you? Why? A:My biggest mentor in the field of education has to be my 10th grade Biology teacher, Mr. Caldwell. He was first person who really made me love science. We actually worked together in the science department at Buckingham County High School for 11 years. He always told me that students are emotional learners and if we can make a connection with a student we can teach them anything. It was the best teaching advice I’ve ever received. We still keep in touch to this day.

Q: What advice do you have for CRR students as they continue to focus on getting to and through college?
A: Persevere. Tough times are unavoidable. The key to life is to persevere through those tough times and come out stronger and wiser. When facing a challenging class (there will be some), buckle down, reach out to your teachers, find new ways to study, and make it through. When facing tough times outside of the classroom, let your teachers and administration know. We are here to help you and we want you to succeed!

Ms. Powers teaches our Freshman English courses and has been critical in helping our studentslearn the importance of reading and writing.
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